Location Support

The Process

1. Submission of Application

We accept inquiries about shoots (movies, TV shows, adverts, internet videos, and others) by all standard means, including telephone, FAX, and e-mail. Please provide the planning document for the piece/program.

Inquires: 9:00 – 17:30 *Not including weekends, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays
Telephone: +81-072-233-5258 FAX: +81-072-233-8448 E-mail:

*It is also possible to discuss providing only videos and still photography.
Please confirm via the following materials.

Sakai Film Office Website, Materials Search (Video)

Sakai Film Office Website, Location Search

Sakai Tourism Guide Website, Photo Library

2. Selection of Location Candidates

We will provide an introduction to various candidate locations. There are plenty of options apart from those shown on our website. Please get in touch for more details.
We will provide as much support as possible regarding applications for permission to shoot, but they differ depending on the location. This includes introductions to required support desks, conducting negotiations, and requesting regional cooperation.

3. Location Scouting As far as possible, we will accompany you on location scouting.
4. Location Confirmation Please submit a location service request application to the Sakai Film Office.
Facilities, etc., sometimes require the applicant to submit a separate usage application.
*Click here for the application process.
5. Shoot As far as possible, we will accompany you on the shoot.
6. Completion of Shoot

Information on the supported piece will be placed on the Sakai Film Office website.
We can also help with events relating to the public piece/program and the issuing of printed media.

Application Process

To use the Sakai Film Office location support service, please read the compliance guidelines,
fill in the required items in the request application form below,
and submit it via FAX (+81-072-233-8448) or e-mail (