about us


After Sakai’s transition to a government ordinance city and the installation of a tourism division, the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sakai Tourism and Convention Bureau Public Interest Incorporated Association started working together to promote tourism and other aspects of municipal public relations. As a result, the organizations achieved increased exposure not only in newspapers and magazines but also visual media, such as television.

However, when it came to helping with interviewing and providing locations for these visiting visual media, our response was confined to just introducing suitable spots in the city. There was simply no environment in place to engender further possible benefits, such as a ripple effect to the local economy, secondary transmission of information, or development of initiatives that could lead to an increase in customers.

The Sakai Film Office was therefore established in order to work toward full, strategic support for filming in the city, as well as activities to attract media to our varied locations. The goals of the organization include achieving the target of 10 Million tourist visitors, promoting customers traffic by generating activity in the city, transmitting the appeal of Sakai through works, activation of the regional economy centered around our lodging facilities and consumption in the city, and fostering a greater love of the city among residents.


The Sakai Film Office is operated by the Sakai Film Commission Executive Committee, which is comprised of Sakai City, the Sakai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Sakai Tourism and Convention Bureau.

Primary Services Provided

Support with location scouting

We accept inquiries from the producers of visual media who are looking for locations in Sakai City. We provide all the information we can on possible candidate locations in the city that meet with the content of each inquiry.

Support for location filming

In order to support smooth filming in the city, we provide guidance for location hunting as deemed necessary, cooperation with the actual location shoot, and introductions to facility operators, lodging facilities in the city, restaurants, and local businesses.
* In principle we do not negotiate prices for lodging or restaurants etc., or provide any kind of financial support.

Promotion of works made with our support

Information regarding the release or broadcasting of supported works will be announced on our website.